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The Dormant Monster

We hear about illnesses on a daily basis...so much that we are somewhat immune to the harshness each of them unfolds until one of them comes knocking on your door...when it finally hits home, reality sets in... We've had a rude awakening with an unsparingly savage disease: dementia. My Grandmother has been suffering this illness … Continue reading The Dormant Monster

My 4th Epidural Injection…Glutton For Punishment!

I'm sure you all have heard of this pain management method...and therefore can relate to it. But I decided to write about my experience today since apparently I drew the lucky number for the 'best nurse' to take care of me. If you didn't feel the sarcasm in that, I'm sorry...meant it in the most sarcastic … Continue reading My 4th Epidural Injection…Glutton For Punishment!

“I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone…”

I was listening to this song the other day and my mind started wandering off to how 'unbalanced' my life was before...how I allowed myself to be so unfocused...and how I came to the realization that its no one's fault but mine. But today I choose not to live a life of guilt, but one … Continue reading “I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone…”

Ready, Set, Paint…Its Winter Windowland!!

Guess what? Last weekend Richfield Springs took their paints and brushes out and painted all day today! Groups and individuals took on the challenge of welcoming this years holiday season by painting our Main St. storefront windows with Christmas themes. From snowy penguins, snowmans, wreaths, gingerbread to even US Presidents and The Grinch who stole Christmas...as … Continue reading Ready, Set, Paint…Its Winter Windowland!!

OMG! It’s Official: I Have A Pre-Teen!!!

Since March started my Sweet Little Princess has been talking about her birthday, constantly...non-stop! Counting the days...how can I loose track? I'm reminded of it every single day. It's pretty cool though, she might as well enjoy them since as any 'normal' female that will stop soon, where you don't even want to be reminded … Continue reading OMG! It’s Official: I Have A Pre-Teen!!!

Heaven has Just Been Enriched by Another Angel…

Good bye to my friend Johnny Vilagos...today we said goodbye to a good man and a friend...Its amazing how you often need a whole lifetime to get to know someone, meanwhile you meet someone for the first time and magic happens: you instantly click! That was my friendship with Johnny, only lasted a year, but … Continue reading Heaven has Just Been Enriched by Another Angel…