Life: Where Many Paths Cross…

Ever wonder how some people come into your life? They stay for a certain period of time and then suddenly, they vanish! Think about it for a few minutes…yes, those people that once were in your life throughout a certain time and then they moved on…they are no longer a constant in your life.

Ever had a great friendship start because a casual encounter? Start an amazing friendship and/or relationship with a person years after knowing them? Every relationship that we have, has a purpose. As simple or as complicated as that may seem…they all have a purpose.

Throughout my journey I have had some of these, and as I reflect on them, I try to define the purpose of our paths crossing. Some of those relationships come and go..and I understand clearly the purpose of them crossing my path…and some, well, I guess I will never understand. The fact is if we were to believe that nothing happens by chance…that everything has a purpose, then perhaps we could be more in tune with our present, truer to our relationships, available to “live” and not get stuck in the curves!

Take away: never underestimate a situation for as simple as it presents itself, there’s a purpose, or else it would’ve never happened. People and situations come across simply because they are meant to make us grow, make us stronger, preparing us for future paths to come. We need to stop and reflect on those situations, grow as we live, allowing ourselves to continue our journey with no regrets.

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