Down Adventure Lane

A few months ago, I made the decision of moving back home: New York.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. God is so amazing that he started lining things up in such way that the only way to interpret this is to think it was just meant to be.

Day after day I reaffirm myself at the belief that I’ve been so blessed with amazing people that have crossed my path. The process of leaving the state I’ve lived in for the last 13 years has been bittersweet. Although never considered it as my home, the relationships nurtured there have grown strong roots in my heart throughout the years. As with many things in life, you really don’t realize how much significance something has until circumstances allow you to give it a closer look and then you are able to see things clearly.  I would like to say that I kinda rediscovered some friendships in the past few months…rediscovered in the sense of learning to appreciate them more and also deepen some that I thought were just acquaintances.  At times I feel kind of cheated from some that I didn’t have the time to nurture more…However, I’m convinced that while there is an ounce of life left, there is still time to water them and see those friendships bloom!

Going from farewell to farewell in a short time frame full of stress, rush and working against the clock was also an unforgettable experience.  I’d like to reiterate that to say I’m grateful to ALL of those who took the time to offer kind words and best wishes to me is truly an understatement.  Please know that all of you are appreciated and that I’m thankful to have you in my life. I also know that there are some great friends whom I didn’t have a chance to sit and chat before leaving…you know who you are, and believe me I’ve not forgotten you.  Wow…tears of joy roll down just thinking of so many great times!

All changes are difficult, however I’ve always liked changes.  Changes are good and very much needed, they allow you to put things in perspective, to appreciate what you have more, to put your life in order, to assess yourself and those that matter the most to you, among many other things. Work wise a change was due. I spent 7 years working for great company: Tupperware.  Things happen for a reason, and I’m convinced that working at Tupperware had a purpose.  Met fabulous people and learned a whole lot; to include interacting with so many fabulous non-profits from both Central Florida and around the US allowed me to grow more both professional and personally.   As I take a look back at those 7 years…I realize there were missed opportunities, but those are to be taken as learning experiences for the future. Both the company and the precious friends that blossomed from it will always be dear to me.

A change was also needed within my personal life. Lets just say: you know when you have reached that point, that point when you know its time to stir things up. Don’t take me wrong…I wasn’t unhappy, I felt it was time to move on.  I had a beautiful home with my kids, awesome friends great things surrounding me…but deep down felt the need to take a trip down adventure lane and rediscover myself, challenge myself to newer things and overall learn to stop and enjoy every second that goes by.

If you are reading this, first be happy for me…as we are doing well; second, take my experience my as an opportunity to assess your personal and professional life and check if there are changes needed.  If you find that there is…take the challenge to make those changes.  Continue to be in pursuit of your happiness everyday, because, just when you think you are there, it may be time to reassess again.

Tomorrow will mark a week of us being here…and so far I have to say: there are no regrets!  I’d like to think that the only thing I left behind was my job…as to everything else I had there I still have: my friends, my family, and most importantly myself!!!

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