9 Wishes For My Sweet Gift Sent From Heaven: Gabriel

Happy Birthday Gabe!!


You are just turning 9 today…and although I’m not supposed to wish you Happy Birthday until 10:30pm, I so wish I could wake you up and scream Happy Birthday Gabe!! I know you are very particular about how things should be…but I’m making an exception today and will wish you happy birthday ALL day long just because I’m so excited about you reaching the number 9: the last of your ‘single’ digit years.

Exactly 9 years ago, I woke up with chest pains, who would’ve guessed that was the way my body was saying “time is up…”. Just like the news of you being in my belly was a surprise, you choosing this day to make your grand entrance into this world was also a surprise: as you were not supposed to ‘show up’ for another 3 weeks!

I don’t want to bore you with the details of my feelings of being a brand new mom again after a year and four months of your sister’s birth but what I would like to make a point of is of the fact of being a mom to a boy has been a total different experience… Learning how to be a mom to a boy has certainly been one of the biggest challenges of my life. I’m so grateful to God for sending me such sweet angel and will forever cherish and love this wonderful gift.

I thought of many gifts I could have had for you for your 9th birthday…but then I thought: it doesn’t matter how many ‘big’ gifts I would’ve gotten you…none would’ve been as fulfilling as my 9 wishes for you. So here it goes, a birthday wish for every one of your candles on this day:

I Love You Note

Wish #1 – Continue to be the sweet boy you are. When I look into your big brown chocolate eyes, I melt with the sweetness that just splashes out of them all the time.  More than a year ago you wrote this little note for me and told me to keep it in my wallet, where I could see it every time I opened it.  I want you to know that I do keep it and that I think of you every time I see it. That my heart fills with joy every time because I know how much you  mean it.

Wish #2 – I wish for that kind heart to grow even more. You have such a big heart.  Love it when you say you will always take care of me. Love it when you want to give a gift to your teacher and friends.  I love it when you mention wanting to do something for others. You are such an awesome little man!  I want you to know how much I look forward to each time you say  “I love you Mom”.  My heart fills with joy and pride every time you say that…I love the fact that you say that about 25 to 30 times during the day.  I wonder if other boys say that to their moms too or if it’s just you.  Continue to be like that, no matter how other boys are.  Express your feelings for that is the one thing that will stand out about you and make you unique.

Wish #3 – Continue to question everything…as that will be your key to success.  Many will find your continuous questioning kind of annoying…but in reality in order for you to learn you have to find answers to ALL of those questions. The constant need for answers is an awesome thing. It means your brain is processing information and if there is a missing piece it will not be satisfied until that answer is found.

Wish #4 – Dream! Dream big and question how can you make those dreams a reality.  I’m so looking forward to another 9 more years…building you…guiding you and molding you into a young man ready to make those dreams come true.  I promise to stand by you and help you conquer the world!

Wish #5 – Never stop being you. You are such a special little guy, you may not understand it at this point, but you are a special little guy. You have no need to copy others or to even want to be like others.  The certain way you like your things, your clothes, your food…that’s you…that is what makes you: Gabriel. Embrace who you are and never forget how special you are!!

Wish #6 – Always seek happiness.  You are a very simple boy and truly it doesn’t take much to make you smile.  Continue to be that way…

Wish #7 – Continue to smile!! I could close my eyes and see you smile at me all the time.  That actually makes my day…when you wake up in the morning and smile at me…that brightens my day.  When I drop you off at school and you say “have a great day mom” and you seal that wish with a smile…that is when I know its going to be a fabulous day.

Wish #8 – Wishing you many wins and many losses.  I’ve seen you win and earn trophies, have lived the joy you feel when you achieve something you want.  Those moments are great as they build you to want to continue doing your best. Those moments make you eager to earn more.  I’ve also seen you when you lose and don’t earn the trophy you so wanted.  Those moments also build you, as they make you push yourself harder to the finish line and achieve what you work for. Believe it when I say: even through your losses you are a winner, because you are learning what you need to do the next time to win.  You are learning your strengths and your weaknesses.  The more you learn about yourself the more you will know what and how to do things in order to earn those thing you want.

Wish #9 – Last but not least: just Love me forever. No matter what. No matter how old you are. No matter how old I get. No matter who is standing around us. No matter how much time goes by…just never stop loving me.

And there you go with 9 wishes for every candle…these are my wishes, now its your turn to make your wishes.  God bless & protect you always.

Loving you forever…Mom

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