OMG! It’s Official: I Have A Pre-Teen!!!

Since March started my Sweet Little Princess has been talking about her birthday, constantly…non-stop! Counting the days…how can I loose track? I’m reminded of it every single day. It’s pretty cool though, she might as well enjoy them since as any ‘normal’ female that will stop soon, where you don’t even want to be reminded about that day in which your count is added by one…since every single one feels as if they were ten!! So, throughout this month, I’ve been thinking about her turning 12, amazed at how time has gone by…and guess what, it didn’t hit me until I started writing this that I’m about to be a mom of a pre-teen! How can that be? Where did time go?

My heart starts racing, a million thoughts rush through my mind: am I going to wake up and everything will be totally changed? Will she not recognize me or stop calling me mom because she’s a pre-teen? Will she love me? Will she stop acknowledging me and feel embarrassed when she’s around friends? So many questions…and simply no quick answer! Being a mother is so difficult…it’s  a sit around and wait game…waiting for destiny to play you wrong at some point…not knowing how the cards will play out.

Until I figure out those answers, I will enjoy my Sweet Little (at least in my eyes) Princess. She might be a pre-teen but as of now she is sweet, thoughtful, analytic, friendly, exciting artistic, among many other characteristics…she’s not perfect, she can be moody, feelings driven, sentimental, unorganized, etc. But her heart is one of the most beautiful one’s I’ve ever seen.

Mom’s just have to take it one year at a time…there’s no other way, otherwise, we would go crazy in the ‘wonder world’! Every year is a different stage, so many lessons, so many experiences…and all to mold them into awesome woman and men!

In the meantime, guess what? I HAVE A PRE-TEEN!!! And I’m ready for roller-coaster ride #12, with all its twists and turns! Bring it on!!

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