Ready, Set, Paint…Its Winter Windowland!!

Guess what? Last weekend Richfield Springs took their paints and brushes out and painted all day today!

Groups and individuals took on the challenge of welcoming this years holiday season by painting our Main St. storefront windows with Christmas themes. From snowy penguins, snowmans, wreaths, gingerbread to even US Presidents and The Grinch who stole Christmas…as you ride up and down our Main St. you will feel the Christmas spirit!! It turns out we have so much talented people in this village…now you drive by and you can’t help it…you have to smile!!

As the judges come around to see which windows are best, they’ll definitely have a hard time. Indeed, there are so many beautiful displays, it will be so hard to determine who gets 1st place this year. In the meantime, you be the judges and determine which is your favorite!


Penguins for the Food Bank


The Grinch Who Stole Christmas


US Presidents displayed at the Richfield Springs Museum


Gigantic Wreath


Big Snowman and Gingerbread


Liquor Store – Left Side


Liquor Store – Right Side


A big Christmas Tree and Snowman settled at the Tally Ho — and even a few items from the menu


Snowman and Candy Canes at Stuarts


It’s Christmas at the PennySaver!!


Right Corner of Skinners & Damulis


Left Corner of Skinners & Damulis


Even a nice ‘Happy Holidays’ message from Skinners & Damulis


Christmas theme at Scenic Byway Realty


Christmas tree


Christmas tree with gifts!



Stay tuned as winners of this annual contest will be announced on Saturday, November 28 during the Tree Lighting at Spring Park. Congratulations to all the participants and good luck!


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