Iowa…Take 2

Let me start by saying, I’m so blessed!!! And I thank God for ALL I have and don’t have…as He and only He knows what is best…let me start by sharing a bit of my weekend adventure traveling to Iowa for the second time.

David and I always try to make the best of out these short trips, and this was no exception. Of course he had planned outings with friends he wanted me to meet and and so I needed to see family and friends I had met during my last visit. Those were delightful…and I had a fabulous time with each and one of them.

One of the things we didn’t have time to do during my last trip was to visit the Sullivan Brothers Museum. I’m glad we decided to go this time. Lots of history…one of the things that impressed me the most was the detailed annual display of Vietnam war where they provided history on everything going on during that era. Thought it was a nice touch the way they had a dog tag for every Iowan that died during that war and a by year recap of these soldiers who died in action.

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We also took a 2 hour trip to a city called Dubuque…what a place, such a history-enriched city…it was truly an unforgettable experience. We also kinda traced some history as David’s parents used to travel to Dubuque every month, they would cross the Illinois state line to buy a lottery ticket and come back to Dubuque and stay at the Hotel Julien…didn’t get to dine at their favorite restaurant but did take a ride on the Fenelon…Last time David went to Dubuque was to go fishing with his Dad. Of course, as proud veterans that we are we had to visit a beautiful Veterans Memorial Park, which always reminds me how freedom isn’t really free…

So, along the way we also visited the National Mississippi River Museum & Aquarium. Admired some Art by the Park, view of the Shot Tower, a walk through the Lock & Dam 11, and even a delightful dinner viewing the Mississippi River. Oh and almost forgot we went over the Illinois state line just so I can say I’ve been to Illinois!!

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During my last visit David took me target shooting…I had not done so since I was in the service and I have to say being able to shoot again was such a thrill that we had to arrange to do again during this visit. I truly enjoy it, its an awesome feeling. So this time around to my surprise it was not only a rifle but I got to play with a new toy: a 22!! And although I had never tried one of these before I have to say I absolutely loved it! Here’s a pic of that…I think I did pretty good!! 😉

Of course we also ensured that David could take care of some of his civil responsibilities over the weekend as Sunday morning he had to be at the American Legion for their monthly  Biscuits & Gravy breakfast and last night he had City Councilman meetings, which I have to say as a spectator I found them quite entertaining!

And there it is, all of this in one weekend. Just a bit change from my normal sports-filled weekends with the kiddos. Departing Iowa today was so bittersweet…I return to my kids, parents and NY family, whom I miss immensely…but I say good-bye to my sweet and loving David, family and friends. As David and I hug good bye and I go thru security…’til the next time!

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