“I Can See Clearly Now, The Rain Is Gone…”

I was listening to this song the other day and my mind started wandering off to how ‘unbalanced’ my life was before…how I allowed myself to be so unfocused…and how I came to the realization that its no one’s fault but mine. But today I choose not to live a life of guilt, but one of changes and that has been the key to my happiness…the  rainwillingness of making changes, one at a time in order to achieve a more balanced life and by consequence be happier everyday.

The biggest changes?

Stop looking for happiness in things and places because it is simply within. Stop living the ‘happy’ dream and start enjoying what you have now. Its so easy to slip into constant daydreaming of things that could make you happier. Be aware and thankful of the many blessings you have now and I’m sure you’ll have more energy to move towards those dreams. So they can add to your life as opposed to replace what you have now.

One of the things I’ve learned along my journey is that one needs to define what a balanced life to me is at this moment. Keeping in mind that a balanced life may change from time to time depending of the priorities you have at the moment. I recently read that one of the most important things in having a balanced life was mainly just being realistic. Understanding that you may not have time to do things in the one day period but you can rearrange things and get to it at another point instead of stressing yourself and feeling guilty because you weren’t a superhero and achieved everything at the time you initially said.

When talking about focusing, I mean have a clear vision of what really matters. So at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter if its storming outside because if you are focused and balanced you are able to see clear even through the storm.

Achieving that balance could be very challenging, it is imperative to believe that while challenging, its not impossible. The key is to believe that a change is needed and that you are willing to implement them in order to achieve such balance.

So, can you see clearly right at this minute or do you need to take a well deserve break, focus on yourself and yourself only, put things in order and start living a balanced life?

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