‘Whole30’ Anyone? 

Because of my back, I’ve been going to an acupuncturist whom after hearing about some stomach issues, talked to me about doing a ‘Whole 30’ meal plan. Well, I really had never heard about this, so intrigued about it I went to my friend Google. For those of you who are curious, it’s basically no carbs, no sugars and no dairy for 30 days…and yes, you read correctly: 30 days! Although, you may choose to do it and not exclude dairy products.

So, after thinking about it, and with a bit of reluctance, I decided to take on ‘whole30’. I’m happy to report yesterday was Day 30. Wow, I amaze myself at the thought that it was impossible. Considering the first was uphill, headaches, irritability…things that tempted me to get off it!

Its been an eye opener to say the least, mysteriously, after day 7, mindset wise, it became easier and easier. I kept telling myself, “I’ve done it this many days, I can’t break now”.

So let’s talk about what I got in exchange to all of this, I’ll number the benefits so far:

  1. No stomach issues, no bloatiness
  2. Energy increase
  3. Better sleep
  4. Eating cleaner: more greens, salads, etc
  5. Learning how to drinking just water
  6. Mindful eating
  7. Bonus: dropped 10 pounds! Five of them within the first week!

Whole30 resets your body, rebalances your hormones, deals with your digestive issues…I tell you it changes your relationship with food. The biggest question: is it over? Absolutely not, this is not just 30 days, it’s a lifestyle, something that I continue. And yes I’ll have some potatoes and perhaps that yummilicious piece of cake, and definitely a glass of wine, but all in moderation.

So, I’m curious to know if any of you have tried this, and if so what’s your take on it? If you haven’t, will you? Comment below…

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