Path to Wholeness

First of all, a big thank you for following my blog for a few years now, I started this blog as a way to just write my experiences and talk about things that were going or even my opinion on things.  Having an audience out there is pretty cool, so again, thank you for following me throughout these years!!

I want to invite you to my new project, you can find it here:  I’ve created this new space in an effort to have a special area where people can read and learn about the journey to create balance and achieve wholeness…some things may be relevant to you and some may not. However, I believe that if not relevant to you, it may be relevant to someone you know. We need to be agents of change, both within and with our surroundings. I am creating this forum in an effort to create conversation, what helps, what not…we need to unite and help each other. I hope this helps both you and me.

A key component to living a satisfactory life is to achieve balance, therefore, it is important to create a path to wholeness.  Several important components of such are mind, body, and soul.  The more we address each of these areas the closer we come to a balanced life. Paving this path is not limited to a timeframe nor a specific mold…everyone is different, everyone’s situation is different…humans while very alike scientifically, we are extremely diverse…and that is what makes us such an amusing and unique species. While with the total capability to be categorized, the fact that we can create change within adds that touch of uniqueness to our species! I am further describing each component, a teaser to how I visualize the three of them:

Mind. We are what we think. It is almost impossible to define ‘mind’ in one sentence.  A stream of consciousness, judgment, imagination, perception, amongst other capacities, that guides us on our day to day living. Therefore, because it is an active component in how we perceive life and ourselves, it is imperative to nurture, train, and feed it every day.  Out of the three areas, the mind happens to be one of the most important. It is the key to start that path towards wholeness, if our mind is in the right place we can achieve anything!

Body. I feel this area needs a lot of attention, because if our mind is in the right place then we accept that our body needs attention, meaning we can feed it that right way, we can give it the care it needs and we can identify and attend to the special needs it has. This, while an achievable goal, is not one that we are capable of addressing if our mindset is not in the right place. While the body is an important piece of the puzzle, it is impossible to care for it if our mind is not in the right place. It is also important to mention, we need to start looking at our bodies like a temple, each with individual needs and conscious that while we are alike your body health does not have to equal my body health!

Soul. While I am afraid to address this sub-topic, it needs to be addressed, it is an area that needs to be talked about. When I say the soul is part of the pieces to achieve balance and wholeness by no mean I am referring to it as a religious component. Having said that, many people do take care of the soul component through religious means. I will never knock out any religion nor the way you choose to nurture your soul…I will emphasize though on the importance of nurturing and feeding it in an effort to achieve balance.

Join me on this journey to help each other towards creating that path to wholeness.


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