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Born in Brooklyn, New York back in…ah well just a few years ago! Moved to Puerto Rico at age of 9, most of my family is from the “Enchanted Island” which is where the “NewYorrican” comes from, however, although I enjoy and love the island a lot the New Yorker in me is always alive!

Growing up I was somewhat on the shy side…nonetheless always present in any activities in school and church. Not really part of the “elite” group in high school, but constantly peeking in just to make sure I wasn’t loosing out on anything! Haha!

Graduated with honors from high school and off to college I went. Majoring in Psychology, it was quite a ride…not a wild one I have to admit…back then my goal was to graduate. Started my masters in the same field, although interrupted this with joining the Army.

Ah…my military years…now that was quite a ride. Too much to summarize in this page, but I have to disclose that molded my life…and made me into the independent woman I am today. Experiences and friends that I will cherish forever. Traveled to several states to include: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Texas, Tennessee, Kentucky….countries: Germany and Honduras. Honored and decorated numerous times for both individual achievements and battalion accomplishments. Have to say that I felt the transformation in me whenever I jumped into the ‘green uniform’. Loved the military life and have to say had I not had my kids I would still proudly wear my green uniform. I love my kids so much…that I gave up on Uncle Sam. Maybe not the best choice, but I came across a two-way intersection in life and had to decide which way turn. In the civilian world is where I finished my studies in Networking and Computer Hardware and completed my Masters in Information Services. And someday I will adventure on the road to my Doctorate degree.

Back in the civilian life things were not as living by the code conduct I was used to. In the service everything is black or white…not black, white, grey and a number of other shades like in the civilian world. I’m a firm believer that things happen for a reason, and although a rougher road, I have to say that my civilian years have filled in some blank spaces left opened from my military life. And indeed is the background of the stories that are constantly written in my everyday book.

Love photography, writing, reading, traveling, and spending time with friends. I also love to listen and help people. I hope you enjoy this blog…which is just a forum that I use to express myself. Just the way I see life and things I’ve learned. Hopefully, it can provide insight…and provide you with another perspective. After all, life is just as the glass through which you look at it. Too short to get stuck in the curves!

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