Blueberry Picking

Is that time of the year, yup blueberry picking season…and for the second year in a row Mother and I went blueberries picking in Cooperstown, NY.

This year we recently did our picking and let me tell you, these were absolutely delicious and so incredibly sweet. You bite into them and it feels as you are savoring your favorite candy. This year we went a little earlier than last year and these trees were so packed that we on ended up with our ‘picking’ from just one row. I remember last year we went late in the season and had to run up and down through countless rows.

So as if the act of picking them delicious blueberries wasn’t fun enough then comes the very entertaining process of making jam. I’m being very serious, this process is not a boring one at all…well at least I enjoy it. The best part? Well, when jars are filled up and after a few minutes you hear that ‘pop’ sound indicating the jar is sealed, and then one after the other you hear pop, pop, pop, pop….as they are seal up. I know, its the little things that make me happy…Anyway, the options are countless, first jams, then some for pancakes, muffins, shakes and of course some to freeze for a later time.


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